Discover history through photography

Almost there

We are an online publisher whose goal is to create awareness, teach and distribute content about history. Therefore, our goal is to create and distribute high-quality images and NFTs with historical context.

To fill the content, we use our huge archive of over 250,000 images.

A few words from Dr Olli Kleemola (University Turku)2014:

“The Auris Collection is a collection of private photo albums, bundles of photos and color slides from the First and Second World Wars. With around 216,000 photos, it is one of the largest collections in Germany and by far the largest of the collections of private war photography that I have visited. The second-largest collection of the German-Russian Museum, for example, consists of around 20,000 photos.”

To accomplish this mission, we launched our multi-account multimedia offensive to gain public attention.

To make some money, we recently opened a Patreon account:

Here you will find historical photographs and other content restored with the latest AI and in high resolution.


On the NFT side of life, we weren't lazy either. We have created two accounts.

Opensea account created.

Rarible account created.


Planned collections in hierarchical order:

- Historical iconic image collection from our archives. Like the PoC NFT

- The Africa characters by Hans Hellmut Kirst as animated gif NFTs

- Art NFTs by the artist "Brigitte Moneth"

At the moment we are busy creating NFT until our focus shifts to selling. You can find our latest NFTs on