Discover history through photography

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Our great passion is collecting private photographs from the nineteenth century. This allows us to explore the history with the help of the images, a better insight into the happenings, e.g. Of the first world war, for the time of one hundred years after this war does not exist. Written sources may perhaps elucidate the historical process, but an especially visual presentation of the extent of the destruction and the horror is not obtained by the pure written source study. Only the combination of written and pictorial sources can make a historian aware of the impressions of those involved in the First World War.

Private photography is very diverse. Anyone who had a camera could keep his life with this and so preserve for us.

The photographs show all the people who have moved at that time: private family events, travels, moments from the war and perhaps one or two small miracles.

Our archive now includes one of european’s largest collection of private photography from the early 20th centurie. We are at your disposal for any inquiries. If you own historical photo material, please contact us. We are always interested in buying. We would also like to share our collection with you by offering the pictures in our online shop for purchase.