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Auris is an independent publisher in the discourse of history and science. Our mission is to bring history and science closer to the public. Our goal is that all Auris customers will enjoy quality and flexibility with each of our services. We make this possible by offering a wide range of relevant content and services. On these pages we will give you an insight into the work and the service of our publishing house, your specialist for history and science.

 Auris publishing house is very versatile. The first division deals with the publication of books in e-book format. Auris offers you the possibility to publish your manuscript as an e-book with the greatest possible freedom of design and to distribute it through all common e-book platforms and online shops. The majority of our publications come from the world author Hans Helmut Kirst.

 Hans Hellmut Kirst is the internationally most successful German author after 1945. His works appeared in 212 foreign editions, in 26 different languages and reached a world edition of 5 million copies. He was named “Knight of Mark Twain” in the United States and was awarded the “Edgar Allan Poe Prize” among others.

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Our second major division is our scientific journal “Eastern European Scientific Journal”. The EESJ is an independent and non-commercial onlinemagazine. The publication is published every second month and brings together scientific contributions from authors from different countries in Europe. They provide you with your incredible knowledge here. In our journal you will find articles in three different languages. (English, German and Russian)

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Our next passion is the collection of private photography, which allows us to explore the history with the help of images.

Our archive now has one of the largest collections of private photography in Europe from the early 20th century. We are at your disposal for any inquiries.

If you own historical photo material, please contact us.

We would also like to share our archive with you by offering private pictures in our online shop.

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If you have any questions, we are here to assist you. Send us an e-mail at

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