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Marius Moneth, our author and CEO has released his Kickstarter Campaign.


Marius Moneth, our author and CEO, has released a PR-Campaign for his Kickstarter.

Düsseldorf -A Kickstarter campaign will start shortly by the Düsseldorf historian Marius Moneth. A historical photo book from the First World War will be the content of the campaign. The campaign has been approved and will launch on first of March. The publication contains private photographs taken by Robert Lichte from Düsseldorf. Included are hundreds of unpublished private photographs from the First World War from the point of view of German soldiers. He left behind eight photo albums and a postcard album. The illustrated photo book releases in two languages: English and German. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise at least 20,000 EUR to realize the book.
Marius Moneth, a Ph.D. student at the Heinrich Heine University, explains: “My goal is to combine several private photography albums by a German medical officer from First World War in a first volume. It contains the pictures of the albums, scientific commentaries, and translations. It needs to be shared with the public.”
For the historian, the campaign is the first major international project. He has devoted his studies to the historical pictorial science. The publication is based on the “Pictorial Turn” defined by Mitchell. It shows the world war from a small man’s point of view.
Mr. Moneth wanted to create this picture book in order to bring the public closer to the private view on the Great War. He promises, “I’ve designed the campaign so that people with a small budget can get an insight into the history of the First World War, so a publication as an e-book is planned, too.”




Preview of the Kickstarter